Height reduction of a weeping willow in Withington, Manchester

The customer wanted this weeping willow reduced in height so it was not touching the telephone wires.

Before: The tree was becoming entangled in the phon wires.

After: We reduced the height of the canopy and pruned the tree to maintain a natural shape.

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Conifer reduction in Sale, Manchester


This line of conifers were taking a lot of the light from the garden.


We brought the conifers down to a height that still provided privacy from the building behind but could now be easily maintained as a tall hedge.

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Log & Firewood Delivery In Manchester

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Height reduction and trimming of a hedge in Swinton, Manchester

This large conifer hedge needed tidying up and reducing in height.


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Dismantling a Eucalyptus with a heavy lean in Whalley Range

This Eucalyptus had a serious lean towards a neighbour’s house. It needed taking down.


The crown is carefully dismantled.

The trunk is then logged down. The stump of this tree was ground out to be certain of no re-growth.

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Felling a dead Acacia in Timperley, Manchester

This large dead Acacia was posing a serious hazard to users of a car park behind that some large branches were overhanging. There was just room in the garden next door for the tree to be felled. The tree was leaning against the felling direction so some careful planning was needed.

The view from the car park.

Some heavy branches were removed from the back of the tree to make the centre of gravity more favourable. A couple of large branches were removed from the side so it would not catch other trees as it fell. Parts of the tree were braced together to prevent it splitting apart during the fell.

A deep gob was taken out to undermine the trees centre of gravity.

The rotten tree was felled along the garden with the help of some wedges and a pulll line.


The tree was then cut up into ...

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Before – The huge crown on this beech tree was completely over-shadowing the garden it was in, and several of the neighbouring gardens.  The customer wanted us to severely pollard the tree completely removing the crown and just leave a trunk.  We advised him that this would risk killing the tree, which was certainly not his intention.  We advised him that if two large sections of the tree and a large branch overhanging his garden were removed then this would dramatically thin the crown and lift it significantly to allow much more light into all the gardens and reduce the branches overhanging one of the neighbours.  This method would maintain a more natural form and be far less detrimental to the tree’s health.

A heavy piece of wood being carefully removed.
A tag line keeps it steady...

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This Birch was growing far too close to the fence. It had to be removed before it started damaging it

Seth takes the top off and keeps hold of it so not to hit the fence.

The trunk is brought down in manageable sections.

The pieces are thrown into the garden.

The remainder of the trunk is felled onto the lawn.

Some pieces were cut to equal lenghs so the customers could make a table.

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BEFORE – This Cherry Plum tree shading out the patio area. A thinning and crown was needed to allow more light through.

AFTER – A rounded and natural looking crown shape is maintained whilst allowing much more light round and through the canopy.

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This beech tree in Chorlton had been pollarded over 30 years ago. The new growth had developed into a substantial crown that was completely over-shadowing several small gardens below. The neighbours all agreed that they would like the crown brought down to a manageable size that would let more light into all their gardens. The tree was pollarded less severely than the previous time and several forks were left to allow access to the crown that would develop in the future, keeping it manageable.

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