Storm damage clear up in Sale, Manchester

The breakfast diners at this guest house got a surprise in last year’s storm when a large section of beech tree came crashing through the window, causing minor damage.


No one was hurt in the incident thanks to the loud cracking noise as the stems broke from the trunk alerting the diners to the imminent danger.

We were tasked with clearing away the fallen stems without causing any further damage to the building.  There was also some damage to another beech tree which we tidied up.

DSC_0460  DSC_0467You can see here the points where the two stems broke away from the trunk after the storm.

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Decaying beech limb removal in Bowdon.

Removing this limb was necessary to stop the spread of internal decay.  The decay was evident externally from the fruiting fungal bodies on top of the limb and the areas of necrotic bark.  This was discovered when doing some scheduled pruning of the tree to keep the size and spread of the crown in check.  The tree was subject to a TPO so we applied for permission with the Council to remove the decaying limb back to sound wood.  The final cut was done in a way that will allow the wound to eventually heal over, and will hopefully prevent any further fungal attack.

decaying limb

External signs of decay

removing limb

Decaying limb being removed

decaying limb being lowered

Section of the limb being lowered over the fence

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Trimming and reducing conifers in Sale

These conifer trees growing in a back garden in Sale had been reduced before, but were starting to get a bit too large for the space.  The customer didn’t want their garden getting too shady so we reduced and trimmed the trees to keep their height and spread in check.

The conifer trees were beginning to shade out the garden too much.  Tim for a trim and reduction.

The conifer trees were beginning to shade out the garden too much. Time for a trim and reduction.




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Conifer removal in Sale, Manchester

This large conifer tree looked like it had been reduced many years ago, then left to grow unchecked.  The result was a mass of straight stems growing from a spreading trunk creating a very wide canopy.  The Tree House Masters would have loved it!  Unfortunately the customer wanted it down as it was taking up too much of his garden and encroaching on the neighbour’s space.

multi stemmed conifer

large conifer

removing a pole at a time

ideal treehouse teritory

a lot of wood

conifer trunk

a lot of logs

Nearly finished – just the rest of the trunk to get down, remove all the logs and tidy up the area.

We managed to harvest a lot of the straight poles for future use constructing log shelters etc.


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Reducing a willow and holly in Chorlton

The customer here liked having trees in his garden, but was concerned that they were starting to block out a lot of the light to their lawn and new extension.  We agreed on reducing the willow by 30% and thinning the crown.  The holly got a 30% reduction and a trim.





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Re-pollarding poplars in Chorlton

Our customer was concerned that the two mature previously pollarded poplars at the back of their rear garden were getting too large for the space.  They were blocking out a lot of the light to the garden and the feeling was that they had been pollarded too high previously.  We re-pollarded them at a lower height to allow much more light into the garden whilst maintaining the much appreciated screen at a lower level where it was needed more.




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Birch reduction in Urmston

We reduced the crown of this young, but tall silver birch, to keep it’s growth in check and allow more light into the back garden.  Large pruning cuts on birch trees are susceptible to infection so if a tree’s crown size is to be restricted then pruning little and often is the order of the day.

Birch reduction with small pruning cuts

Birch reduction with small pruning cuts

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Felling tall poplars in Denton

Being based in the middle of South Manchester, most of our tree removals are in tight spaces in small gardens where felling them is not an option and dismantling is the way to go.  It’s always exciting when there’s plenty of space and we get  to show off our felling skills on a large tree.  In this case we had to dismantle most of a large broad spreading poplar and swing pieces away from the neighbouring garages using the RC2000.  The wind was in our favour but the natural lean of the tree was against us so we left the top intact and got a guide rope attached .  This was rigged to the base of another tree in the felling line, through several pulleys, giving us the tension and control needed to pull the remainder of the tree over with the help of some felling wedges and careful cuts...

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Crown reduction of a copper beech

The customer here was concerned that this copper beech was becoming two large for it’s surroundings and beginning to blot out any natural light getting to the front garden and house.  It’s lower branches had begun to droop towards the pavement and road becoming hazardous for pedestrians and taller vehicles.  He was in two minds as to taking it down or reducing its crown.  We convinced him that we could maintain an attractive shape to the tree whilst significantly reducing the crown therefore preserving the tree for many years to come.  The copper beech sits between a small cherry and an enormous beech giving a tiered effect when walking down the street. We were keen to maintain this view as it gave character to the street.

The tiered effect of the three trees


The copper beech after a crown reduction


A very dark crown when in leaf


Copper beech


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Massive sycamore trunk removal in Levenshulme

This massive sycamore tree growing in a back yard of a Levenshulme terrace had been previously pollarded, leaving just a trunk.  This had grown back into a thick canopy and the tree was continuing to knock over the back wall with it’s annual growth.  It was time to get it removed to prevent any further damage to the wall.  The unstable wall was taken down by a builder then we came in to do the removal.  We had the stump ground out the following day so the so the wall could then be rebuilt with minimal disruption to the client.

previously pollarded sycamore

Removing the last of the re-growth from the massive trunk.

lowering the top of the trunk

Lowering the top of the pollarded trunk on the RC2000

a section of trunk

Cutting up a section of the tree into manageable pieces.

sections of sycamore trunk

Sections of the trunk ready to be cut up for firewood.

massive stump

The remaining stump was ground out so ...

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