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Massive sycamore trunk removal in Levenshulme

This massive sycamore tree growing in a back yard of a Levenshulme terrace had been previously pollarded, leaving just a trunk.  This had grown back into a thick canopy and the tree was continuing to knock over the back wall with it’s annual growth.  It was time to get it removed to prevent any further damage to the wall.  The unstable wall was taken down by a builder then we came in to do the removal.  We had the stump ground out the following day so the so the wall could then be rebuilt with minimal disruption to the client.

previously pollarded sycamore

Removing the last of the re-growth from the massive trunk.

lowering the top of the trunk

Lowering the top of the pollarded trunk on the RC2000

a section of trunk

Cutting up a section of the tree into manageable pieces.

sections of sycamore trunk

Sections of the trunk ready to be cut up for firewood.

massive stump

The remaining stump was ground out so ...

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