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Removal of a huge conifer and spruce.

We were tasked with the safe dismantling and removal of a huge conifer, a large spruce and a few smaller trees from a back garden in Withington that was suffering from a serious case of light deprivation.  The conifer was less than 40 years old but had managed to grow to a substantial size in this time, with a diamtre of over 3 feet.  The trunk split into four large stems at a height of around 15 feet and grew up to 50 feet high with a significant spread due to the multiple stems.

1 big conifer

The spruce in the foreground has been de-limbed first to make plenty of room for the big tree removal.

It was important to get this job done outside the bird nesting season given that conifers are an absolute favourite for wood pigeons, who will regularly have up to three broods in a single year.

First we remo...

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