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Massive leylandii removals in Didsbury

The customer was sick of living under the shadow of three rapidly growing Leyland Cypress growing close to the house.  We removed them for him and ground out the stumps so the area could be re-landscaped.

Optimized-20140710_134654 Optimized-20140710_110432

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We’ve got wood

We’re starting to stack up plenty of firewood for the coming winter now.  100% hardwood logs this year.  All split, dried and ready for burning by the end of the summer. Feel free to call or email your order through.

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Huge storm damaged branch removal

We got called out to remove a huge storm damaged branch from a big old oak in Northenden.


and got to use the RC2000 lowering device to safely lower the branch in smaller sections!


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Magnolia in Withington

This magnolia in Withington was making it hard for the owner to mow his lawn beneath it and was in need of a prune and crown reduction.



AFTER : we lifted the crown, removed any dead wood and reduced it’s spread.


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Removing a large ash tree in old trafford

removing a large ash tree in old trafford removing a large ash tree in old trafford

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