Recycling Policy

At Alderwood Tree Care we recycle all of the waste by-products that arise from our tree surgery and firewood/timber processing activities.

Most of the softwood is taken to a green waste recycling facility where it then goes on to be chipped and used as fuel for biomass boilers.

Some larger pieces of pine are used by local artists for chainsaw carving.

Most of the hardwood is taken back to the yard where it is cut, chopped and stacked under cover, ready to be sold as firewood to fuel the wood burning stoves of Manchester’s homes.

Some customers prefer to keep any wood that arises from the work so they can use it as firewood.  We can cut this up and chop it, if required, on site.

The wood chip we produce is used at local allotments and schools for paths and chicken runs, or left on site to be used as garden mulch.

Some of the larger pieces of nice hardwood, such as oak, beech and cherry are milled into boards to be used for furniture making by local carpenters and cabinet makers.

Occasionally some of the smaller pieces of oak, beech and birch are cut into 3 foot lengths and used by customers as a host for growing exotic mushrooms.