Crown reduction of a copper beech

The customer here was concerned that this copper beech was becoming two large for it’s surroundings and beginning to blot out any natural light getting to the front garden and house.  It’s lower branches had begun to droop towards the pavement and road becoming hazardous for pedestrians and taller vehicles.  He was in two minds as to taking it down or reducing its crown.  We convinced him that we could maintain an attractive shape to the tree whilst significantly reducing the crown therefore preserving the tree for many years to come.  The copper beech sits between a small cherry and an enormous beech giving a tiered effect when walking down the street. We were keen to maintain this view as it gave character to the street.

The tiered effect of the three trees


The copper beech after a crown reduction


A very dark crown when in leaf


Copper beech


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Massive sycamore trunk removal in Levenshulme

This massive sycamore tree growing in a back yard of a Levenshulme terrace had been previously pollarded, leaving just a trunk.  This had grown back into a thick canopy and the tree was continuing to knock over the back wall with it’s annual growth.  It was time to get it removed to prevent any further damage to the wall.  The unstable wall was taken down by a builder then we came in to do the removal.  We had the stump ground out the following day so the so the wall could then be rebuilt with minimal disruption to the client.

previously pollarded sycamore

Removing the last of the re-growth from the massive trunk.

lowering the top of the trunk

Lowering the top of the pollarded trunk on the RC2000

a section of trunk

Cutting up a section of the tree into manageable pieces.

sections of sycamore trunk

Sections of the trunk ready to be cut up for firewood.

massive stump

The remaining stump was ground out so ...

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Birch crown reduction and thinning

This large birch tree at the end of a small back garden in Chorlton and a neighbouring rowan tree were blocking out a lot of the available light,  This was preventing the residents from being able to grow a lawn for their kids to play on.
We removed the rowan. We removed the ivy growing up into the crown of the birch and gave it an overall crown reduction, as well as thinning it out to allow more light to penetrate into the garden.


The birch after a crown reduction and thinning

The birch after a crown reduction and thinning

The birch from another angle

The birch from another angle

The customers were very happy with the results. They were looking forwards to sowing a new lawn and sorting out the garden now that it wasn’t so overshadowed.

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Ash crown lift in Chorlton

This large ash tree in a back garden in Chorlton was looming over the back decking area and blocking out a lot of light to the garden.

We removed and reduced several of the lower branches and removed the ivy down to around eight feet to maintain a bit of a screen from the neighbouring garden.

This allowed a lot more light into the garden and house, and pigeons no longer had a perch above the decking to do what they do.







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Dismantling a cedar in Wilmslow

This large cedar tree had started to worry the occupants of the house by shedding several large branches during the winter months.  Their heavy horizontal branches are prone to breaking with the extra weight of a covering of snow.  It was time to remove it before it caused any damage or injuries.

dismantling a cedar



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Removing conifer trees in Wilmslow


A bungalow in Wilmslow was completely overshadowed by a line of very tall conifers in this garden.  The large garden meant we could fell some pretty big sections after removing a lot of the branches from the bungalow side.

View from up one of the conifer trees.

View from up one of the trees.


Rigging up a pull line to help fell against the wind.

Felled onto logs to make the cross cutting easier and protect the lawn.

Felled onto logs to make the cross cutting easier and protect the lawn.


A lot of the logs went to a local garden centre to be processed into firewood.

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Conifer tree removals in Wythenshawe


These large conifer trees were surrounding a house in Wythenshawe and almost completely blocking any natural light getting to the property and garden. Some could be felled into a neighbouring wasteground where they were processed and removed.


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Grinding out a larch stump in Sale

This larch stump was in the way of a newly created play area. It needed to be removed without damaging the roots of a nearby cherry tree.

grinding out a larch stump

Grinding out the stump using the Alpine Magnum. using the alpine magnum

The stump is completely removed whilst leaving the cherry roots intact.

avoiding the cherry roots

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Finished felling the trees in Whalley Range

After quite a warm day and felling the trees the front garden now looks a lot better.

breaking down the trunk into smaller logs chopping the trunk into logs

We cleared up and took away all the logs and chipped the rest.clearing up at the end

Looking much better and the client loved it!

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Clearing up a front garden in Whalley Range

This garden is looking very overgrown this morning. We have been asked to take down the two trees that have self seeded themselves as well as sorting out the hedge along the front. As you can see the hedge has now been cleared up (IT was a huge overgrown mess!!) and are now moving onto the trees.

whalley range front garden

As soon as we turned up we got on with sorting the hedge along the main road.

taking down a tree in whalley range

The garden is looking a bit better after having the hedge trimmed.

garden being tidied in whalley range

Matt is up this tree getting it ready to take down.

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